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We exist for the purpose of providing exceptional, effective, and compassionate training to the canine community. Our organization will exceed your expectations and needs through the most professional and personalized customer service.








Our Recent Reviews

training and certification of Caprino aka-Cap

Rated 5 out of 5
April 24, 2024

I met Matt a little over a year ago in Lowe’s when he was there with a puppy. That was the beginning of a wonderful experience for me. Caprino went to month board and train from the breeder. When he came to me I was amazed at the training he had already accomplished with Ashley. From there we continued with puppy classes and then advanced training. Cap and I worked hard at this and both Matt and Ashley were always available for assistance when not in class. I am happy to say Cap has attained Certification as CGC and also certified as a therapy dog. I could not have done this without their help and excellent training. I am looking forward to having Cap go out in the community and help others as much as he helps me.

Susan Ott

Two Well-Trained, Happy Pups

Rated 5 out of 5
April 24, 2024

Our dogs, Isaac and Olive, were out of control. They each had their own behavioral issues. Isaac pulled on leash, was reactive to other dogs, and had a mind of his own when on an animal trail. Olive pulled on leash, barked at everything and nothing. A blowing leaf would set her off. She jumped up on everyone she met. And a whole host of other issues for both.

We live in Alaska and I called so many board and train entities (mostly in Arizona because we were going to spend a bit of time there.) I looked at countless websites. I didn’t feel comfortable handing my dogs over to any of them for one reason or another. Most took in many dogs at a time and they were kept in kennels.

I grew up in Pittsburgh and was going to spend three weeks there visiting family. Upon recommendation of my brother and sister-in-law I contacted Control is Key.

From the first phone call, I knew my dogs would be well taken care of. My dogs would be living with their trainers. Matt and Ashley were fantastic.

We got many videos and texts everyday showing Isaac’s and Olive’s progress. I could also tell my dogs were happy and enjoying the attention and training.

After we picked up our dogs, Matt and Ashley began the arduous task of training us. They have amazing patience and kept training until we felt comfortable with handling our dogs on our own.

We are now driving back home to Fairbanks and are so incredibly happy that we trusted our dogs to Matt and Ashley of Control is Key.

If you are on the fence trying to decide if you want to send your dog to board and train, give Matt a call. You will be happy you did.

Nancy & Joe Sisinyak

Wonderful choice for training!

Rated 5 out of 5
April 24, 2024

I took my young English Springer Spaniel to Control is Key and equally worked with Ashley and Matt for 8 sessions. They were both excellent at understanding what I wanted in terms of training for my dog, in addition to clarifying MY learning style so that I could best utilize the training techniques implemented. Matt and Ashley are easy to communicate with and ask questions that help determine exactly what goals are trying to be accomplished. The trainers opened my eyes to goals I didn’t even know I had in regards to dog-training. If you have a young dog, or are wondering exactly what sorts of components of training need to be worked on, I would definitely recommend using Control Is Key.

Julie James

Certified Therapy Dog

Rated 5 out of 5
February 22, 2024

I owe many thanks to Control is Key Dog Training! My dog and I would not be doing therapy work if it wasn’t for the one on one consistent training we received on a weekly basis! Some weeks it took more than one session! Matt, the owner, as well as Ashley gave me the confidence that I needed to become my dog’s handler! All the hard work that my dog and I did was so well worth it! I highly recommend Control is Key!

Stacy Meyer

E collar for our beagle

Rated 5 out of 5
February 18, 2024

I found Matthew on the ecollar web-side and even though I was skeptical at first because a beagle is a hunting dog and especially ours was VERY reactive and not a loose leash walker at all. Now I get compliments when walking her in dog approved stores since she is so well behaved now. I had her off leash recently and she did not chase after a very close by rabbit. Mostly I like that his priority is ALWAYS to use the lowest setting possible which depends on the given distraction level. So really it was not just him teaching my dog but he was teaching me as well. It was a great experience and I myself learned so much!!!